Guitar Straps
Almost every guitar strap we make is a custom special order because the musician wants a style and a design that is unique to the
person and the instrument.
Things to consider:  Do you want the strap an exact length to fit a specific guitar or do you want an adjustable tail...Do the holes
need to be sized for strap locks or should they have the slit above the hole...Do you want your name or initials or some other
wording on the strap...What designs and images do you want...Do you want Swarovski crystals (bling) that shines under the lights...?
Let us help you determine your requirements and design ideas.
Please contact us at and let's create your unique strap.
...starting at $90
This guitar strap was designed
after the one Buddy Holly
made when he did leather work
in Lubbock, Texas.
This strap was made as a birthday gift for Anthony Garcia, currently playing in
the band  "Poko Lambro" in Busan, South Korea.  It was designed and given
by Violet Lea, the very beautiful other half of the band "Poko Lambro".
Guitar strap made for Jesse Ballew, full-time musician
based in Lubbock, Texas.
Classic Guitar strap.
Exact length fit for a specific instrument.
 Holes cut for strap-locks.
This strap belongs to Kevin Powell,
most excellent bass player for the
Darren Welch Group.
Another example of a strap that is an exact length fit for a specific guitar.  Holes cut for strap-locks (no slits).
This was made for Jerry Slater, musician in various bands in Lubbock, Texas.
for an acoustic guitar.