Patricia Vonne
Europe Bound
"Little Travelin' Man"
had to stay behind
Luggag Tag
with "PV"
Multiple layers of staining achieve the unique colors by utilizing the old style of “block” dyeing.  
All hand stamped designs come from Brenda’s extensive collection of current and
discontinued stamps, as well as specially made stamps.
This beautiful piece of luggage is sure to turn heads as it’s proudly carried through
the airports of Paris, London, New York, or anywhere in the world.
This satchel features “flintlock” latches and is completely hand crafted in Texas.
The zippered
opening reveals a
satchel lined with
soft leather.
Leather Cuffs made exclusively for Patricia Vonne's
Fall European Tour
Patricia Vonne
Singer/Songwriter ... Austin, Texas
...and her lovely sister,
Thank you so much for taking our cuffs and
satchel on your European tours.
"Viva Bandolera!"
Patricia wearing the "Ole" leather
cuff with a bull and roses.
Thanks to Firas for the photo.
This 3 minute video highlights the detail and "block
dyeing" part of the process used in making a
leather wrist cuff.
CLICK on the image to play.