This incredible piece of luggage is truly an heirloom to be passed down for generations.
The unique tooling brings together beautiful floral patterns within a western theme.
Multiple layers of dye are applied with brush and sponge to create the unbelievable colors.  
The final layer uses the old-style technique of "block" dyeing.
Each piece is branded with an individual number and the mark of the artist.
Janes "Texas Proud" Satchel
Brenda & Steve's "Texas Bound" Satchel
Patricia Vonne's "Europe Bound" Satchel
This Satchel is currently available for
purchase.  The beautiful combination of
colors and textures gives an "old world"
feel to this piece of luggage art.

You can make this your next treasured
family heirloom today or contact us at for pricing on a
satchel that is personalized just for you.
Pricing varies on special orders.